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About us

Babylon Plast™ – manufacturer and supplier of plastic hatches in Europe

Babylon Plast™ is an environmentally friendly company. As part of the Green Policy, we have set specific goals for the coming years to achieve climate neutrality. Supporting the idea of ​​protecting and preserving the environment, we produce plastic hatches. By recycling polymer waste, we clean the planet and create environmentally friendly products. With care for everyone.

Our team has been operating since 2019 and we have already established our position on the European market as a company offering high-quality products at competitive prices.

BabylonPlast ™ products undergo quality control at all stages of production: from construction to testing for safety, abrasion resistance, load capacity and other performance properties. All our products are constantly subject to strict controls and have safety certificates confirming compliance with the EAN-124 standards and the ISO9001: 2008 certificate applicable in the European Union. Thanks to the use of high-quality raw materials and innovative technical solutions, we produce durable plastic hatches with a warranty period of over 30 years.

We have a great team of professionals. Menedżerowie kontroli jakości i eksperci technologiczni systematycznie monitorują zgodność z wymaganiami na wszystkich etapach produkcji. We create more than just solutions for the construction industry.

We take into account our customers’ suggestions and produce high-strength, light and safe plastic hatches. In addition to the technical and operational characteristics, we pay attention to the patterns of polymer manholes. Thanks to the range of colors and configurations, our products blend seamlessly with any landscape. Regardless of the place of installation of hatches – in green areas, suburban or public areas – they look aesthetically and pleasantly.