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Pipe Manhole Cover DN315 A15 BabylonPlast™


Outer diameter: 355mm
Inner diameter: 305mm
Pipe size: 315 mm Corrugated
Mounting screws: 2 pcs.
Class: A15
Maximum load: 1.5 t
Color: Black
Weight: 1 kg
Material: PP Polypropylene

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The “garden” Manhole Covers is used for installation on inspection cable chambers, water supply and sewage systems on sidewalks, in green areas. They provide easy access to media when laying the network. Manhole Covers practically invisible on both the surface of the lawn and the pavement. Polymer hatches solve the problem of hatch theft and save money.

BabylonPlast™ Manhole Covers have the same properties as cast iron covers. Resistant to very low temperatures -60 ℃ and high + 60 ℃, and all adverse weather conditions, at the same time withstand the same load.

BabylonPlast™ products undergo quality control at all stages of production: from design to testing for safety, abrasion resistance, load capacity and other functional properties.  All our products are constantly subject to strict controls and have safety certificates confirming compliance with EN-124 standards and the ISO9001:2008 certificate in force in the European Union.  Thanks to the use of high-quality raw materials and innovative technical solutions, we produce durable plastic covers with a warranty period of over 30 years.




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