Who We Are

Babylon PlastTM manufactures and sells polymer manholes Class A and B, designed to be installed on inspection manholes in underground utility systems located in pedestrian areas, green spaces, private farms and suburban zones. We have been in operation since 2019 and have already established ourselves in the European market as a company offering quality products at competitive prices.

Our manufacturer has state-of-the-art equipment, allowing us to maximise the automation of the polymer manhole manufacturing process. We carefully control the quality of the product at every stage, which allows us to produce manholes with high performance.

We have a large team of professionals at our disposal. Quality control managers and technology experts systematically monitor compliance with all industrial requirements and European standards at all stages of production. We create more than just sales solutions. We take our customers’ suggestions into account and produce high-strength, lightweight and safe plastic manholes.

Our Benefits
Why should you order manhole covers from us?


Polymer manholes are made from a special high-strength polymer composition. Our products undergo quality control at several stages, including testing for durability, load-bearing capacity, water resistance and other key performance characteristics.


We are a Polish manufacturer of polymer manholes so that our prices do not exceed the market average. Plastic manholes are available both wholesale and retail.


Taking into account customer requirements, we produce lightweight polymer manholes in various sizes, shapes, surface reliefs and other specifications. Products are available in different colours.


Our production capacity is located in Poland, but we also supply polymer manholes to European countries. We want, so that you can get high-strength and safe polymer manholes in the shortest possible time, regardless of your location.


Polymer manholes can be tailored to your needs On request, we can add your logo on the top surface of the manhole covers or produce an individual size.


Our manhole covers are manufactured from recycled polymer. By recycling plastic waste, we are helping to solve the problem of plastic surplus and protecting the global ecology.

Cooperation With Us

You can become our business partner today! We invite distributors, building stores, construction utility companies, and construction organizations to cooperate. For each partner, we have individual terms of cooperation. For wholesale buyers, we offer a favorable system of discounts.

Develop your business with us. Become our partner just today!

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